A Declaration of Energy Independence offers a viable plan
for ending American dependence on foreign oil.

This new book shows how freedom from foreign oil can improve national security, our economy, and the environment.

Between rising oil prices, global instability, and environmental degradation, most Americans acknowledge the need for energy independence. Yet our political dialog tends to focus on the most extreme positions, leaving most citizens scratching their heads about what to do. A Declaration of Energy Independence takes a nonpartisan, honest approach to these fundamental questions and obliterates the political and economic myths of both conservatives and liberals.

Jay Hakes combines real facts and solid science with historical context to ask the right questions and propose the best answers. After educating readers on the facts, Hakes goes on to offer a seven-point plan for breaking free from the costly energy trap and enhancing American influence abroad. This is an important and timely book for all Americans.


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Hakes .... tells the story of failures and surprising successes in federal energy policies of the last forty years, and where we need to go in the future. Both a careful scholar and a realistic veteran of state and federal government, Hakes has written an important book that provides workable solutions to our nation's energy problems.  Former President Jimmy Carter

Read a Declaration of Energy Independence by Jay Hakes...  a concise three-part argument that we have, in the USA, put ourselves on a path to energy independence in the past (during the Nixon-Ford-Carter decade) but that it was consciously unraveled by all the administrations that have followed;  that we can and must 'do it again'; and, finally, that we can do it in a way that integrates the imperatives arising from the realities of global warming produced by the excessive reliance on carbon-based fuels. The Atlantic

…  a compelling tutorial for anyone seeking to understand the geopolitical forces that have America over a barrel of oil.... a fact-filled but very readable analysis of America's energy policy and its impacts ...  Stacy Shelton — Atlanta Journal Constitution

— Boy — did “A Declaration of Energy Independence” fill out my education. It’s a great read and offers some very creative solutions.
Jim Bohannon  The Jim Bohannon Show

— “If you get a chance to read Hakes’ book, I think you will find it an outpost of sanity in the mostly absurd babble surrounding the ‘energy crisis.’” -- Bill Pike, Editor in Chief, E&P

— “Energy policy is a complex issue, but Jay Hakes deftly explains it in A Declaration of Energy Independence. His style is clear and concise. The nonpartisan approach should appeal to readers of every political stripe, and Hakes’ grasp of the scientific, political, and economic aspects lend credibility to his arguments.” - Cynthia Murphy — Front Street Reviews

— ... Hakes‘s insights into the politics of energy make the book especially relevant this voting season... Library Journal Review by Robert Eagan

— "Every American should read "A Declaration of Energy Independence"... "I believe this book will become the defining introduction to the subject/issue of energy independence."  ... Amazon.com review by Ron Bengtson  (Boise, Idaho) of "AmericanEnergyIndependence.com"

— “Outstanding book that needs to be read by the administration and congress.” ... “Written by an author with a wealth of experience in the field, it states clearly what actions need to be taken by our leaders and that we must push them to act, especially congress (presidents can lead but congress really makes change or no change happen).” ... “A well-written book that can be quickly read but you will find yourself going back to reread many pertinent areas.”  Amazon.com review by C. Woodward (Denver, CO.)